2017 Wishlist


  • Pants: 31x32
  • Shirts: Large
  • Shoes: 10.5

Craft Stuff

  • Large (at least 24x18") self-healing cutting mat
  • Soldering iron
  • Arduino starter project kit

Kitchen Stuff

Most of my existing kitchen stuff is a light green color, similar to avocado. If colors aside from black and white are available, a color closest to that green would match best.

  • A large ramen/udon bowl. I really like this one by Flavour Design.
  • Reusable chopsticks
  • An electric kettle, at least 1 liter



  • Buck Naked Boxers, Medium - I recommend checking this site periodically as they frequently go on 50% off sale.
  • Basic leather sandals in brown. I'm currently wearing Reef Draftsmen but I don't really like the bottle opener - it makes the sandals quite stiff. I previously wore a different pair that I can't identify. I think they were either Marabelas or Crews. I also hear good thing about Reef Sandals but I haven't ever worn them.
  • AvE swag

Subscriptions / Access

  • MoviePass - Gifting site is HERE but doesn't currently work. You'd likely have to contact support. This was previously available as a pre-paid month, quarter, half-year, or year.
  • ChefSteps lifetime subscriptions only
  • Texas Monthly - available in one, two, or three year subscriptions.

Other stuff