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In each section, podcasts appear roughly by ranking of what percentage of the episodes that are released that I listen to, which I think is a pretty good proxy for which ones I like the most.

Current Events

  • What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law - Roman Mars teams up with Professor Elizabeth Joh to use Donald Trump's speeches and tweets as jumping off points to learn about constitutional law.
  • Planet Money - Each week, a different facet of the economy explained in easy to understand terms. Most (but not all) topics are news related.
  • The Indicator from Planet Money - From the makers of Planet Money A short daily podcast that takes a single number of term from the news and places it in the context of the economy.
  • Freakonomics Radio - From the writers of Freakonomics, discussion of socioeconomics in easy to understand terms. Many (but not all) topics are news related. Similar to Planet Money but generally dives a bit deeper.
  • The Daily - From The New York Times, your daily news, every weekday, ready by 6 AM.

Magic: The Gathering

  • So Many Insane Plays - Vintage experts Kevin Cron and Stephen Menendian deep dive on the format.
  • JudgeCast - Three judges with 7+ levels between them discuss the ins and outs of Magic rules and policy. Each new set and associated rules change has its own episode.


  • 30 For 30 Podcasts - Audo documentaries from the makers of the award-winning film series 30 for 30.
  • Les is More - Former coach Les Miles discusses current events in college football with friends and family.


  • The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds - Each week, one of these two comedians reads a story from American history to the other. A combination of laughter and learning as the pair riff on some of the more ridiculous aspects of the stories.
  • No Such Thing As A Fish - The researchers from BBC Two's QI present their favorite facts that they've discovered this week.


  • Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Historical deep dives - prepare to spend hours on a single event, excellently prepared to keep you listening to whole time. Listen while you can - old episodes are taken off the feed and placed for sale on his website.
  • Revisionist History - Malcom Gladwell, author of many books you've probably heard of, reinterprets an event, person, or idea from the past. As an example, a recent episode discuss the background and fallout of the time Sammy Davis, Jr. hugged Richard Nixon at the 1972 Republican National Convetion.

General Interest

  • 99% Invisible - Design is all around us and we don't notice most of it. It is, as the title implies, mostly invisible. Each episode delves into the design of something encountered in everyday life.
  • Reply All - A podcast about the Internet and how it affects us. A common episode is "Yes Yes No" where the oldest cast member brings a tweet he doesn't understand to the younger cast members to have them explain it.
  • Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - Mythbuster Adam Savage sits down with the crew to discuss whatever's on Adam's mind. Topics include film, making, and whatever project Adam is currently working on.
  • SYFY25: Origin Stories - For the 25th anniversarry of SyFy (formerly SciFi Network), interviews with the involved in the creation of some of the greatest works of Science Fiction.
  • Radiolab - Primarily focusing on philosophical and scientific topics, this show tries to take complex topics and express them in simple terms without taking itself too seriously. Radiolab has won two Peabody Awards and earned one of its creators a MacArthur grant.
  • Regular Car Reviews Podcast - The cast of Regular Car Reviews shoot the shit. Not recommended if you haven't watched a few of their videos first. (I recommend starting with the NA Miata episode)
  • This American Life - Multiple "acts" telling different stories all with the same theme. Warning: This one can get pretty heavy and may result in ugly tears.
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed - Author John Green reviews two things from the Anthropocene, the proposed name for the epoch in which humans began to influence the Earth.
  • Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin - Actor Alec Baldwin interviews public figures ranging from policy makers to performing artists.


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