2019 New Year's Resolutions: Q2 Check-in

2019 New Year's Resolutions: Q2 Check-in

Well this certainly isn't starting well. It's the eighth of July and I'm just now getting to writing this up. See Q1's check-in here. Let's jump right into how I've done on my resolutions this quarter.

Supporting Causes I Care About

I went non-monetary this time and volunteered at Circle City Con VI. I worked twenty hours across the three days of the con and I think I slept something like twelve hours in those three nights. I also performed my favorite service by opening up karaoke with a way-out-of-my-range rendition of Man, I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. Fortunately for you, the following is a still photo and not a video.


A lot fewer pics this time around as I started duplicating some of the meals I'd had before. I've also started to discover that the hard part of meat free Monday is not the meat free but the Monday. Monday is usually the hardest day of the week to accomplish anything after work (I'm shocked I'm typing this on a Monday) so I'm quite frequently relying on easy favorites. I think I'll keep up a meat free day next year but it won't be Monday.

Eggplant Parm - Much better this time!
Buffalo Tofu Tenders again but this time actually tossed in the buffalo sauce
Saag Paneer with Rice and butter Naan from Himalaya - this place is fantastic and would be 100% better if I didn't have to watch the owner/manager yell at an employee every single time I'm there.
Mushroom Alfredo - this has been become a lazy go-to
Garden Sammie with Brussels Sprouts, Avocado, Hummus, Pickeled Onion, Tomato, Curried Cauliflower, and Sprouts from Local foods. This was really great but the curried cauliflower was out of place. I'd order this again and just ask them to hold the cauliflower.
TVP-stuffed peppers. TVP tacos have become another go-to but apparently I haven't taken any pictures of them.
Heirloom Tomato and buratta Avocado Toast from Local Foods - This was a test item when I ordered it that has now made its way onto their menu when tomatos are in season.
Gold School: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup
I called this dish "Stuff I Had in My Kitchen that would Allow me to Eat Garlic Chili Oil
Vegan Taco Salad from Local Foods. This was another almost-winner. The fake meat was by far the worst part of this dish. I'd order it again and have them hold the "meat."
Worn out from travel: Frozen Pizza with Spniach
Caciao e Peppe and Tomato Salad
Tomato and Cheese Omlette with Tomatillo Salsa - A clean-out-the-fridge special
Hand Tossed Pacific Veggie and Thin Crust Jalapeno and Pineapple pizzas from Dominos - I just re-ordered this.

Looking Forward to Q3

I'm ridiculously busy for the next few months. Between now and October, I have two free Saturdays. In September, I'm scheduled to fly three weekends in a row. Meat Free Monday may be pushed to mid-week as I'm in lazy recovery mode on Mondays.

That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading. Have a good Q3 2019!