Photodump: Chicago for Blue Team Con 2022

Photodump: Chicago for Blue Team Con 2022
First time Tavern Style Pizza (Pat's)
I was told Nisei Lounge is not optional
Shaking hands
Entrance to Three Dots and a Dash
"A classic daquari, however you choose to interpret that"
Mahi Mahi Tacos
I said I was in the mood for something dessert-y and the bartender decided to get weird with it
Mandatory Three Dots and a Dash Selfie
Me irl
The otters weren't out so I had an ice cream about it. (Rainbow Cone)
"Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)
Single Barrel Old Fashioned: koval single barrel bourbon, angostura, demarara, saffron ice
Amuse with everything bagel baguette and cultured butter
Golden kaulga caviar, smoked halibut, grilled spinach, shiro dashi butter
Crispy soft-boiled egg, werp farm greens, lady edison ham, carmelized onion
Foie gras chamwanmushi, sauce perigord, shitake mushroom
Rohan duck breast, cherry duck jam donut, turnip, rootbeer jus
Jivara chocolate cannoli, peanut butter & roasted coco nib ice cream, tamarind
Headed to Burbsec East
I made friends with some strangers who'd never had Malort
Farimont's signature Blue Maragrita for Blue Team Con
At some point in the evening, I got promoted to Jake
Of course someone broke the POS at a hacker con
Handshakes with Hackers
The Great Muteki
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