Automating My Todo with Trello and AWS SNS

Automating My Todo with Trello and AWS SNS

A couple years ago, Alice Goldfuss posted this blog post about how she handles her todo list with GitHub's Kanban feature and Twilio. I really liked the idea and set out to duplicate it. However, I prefer Trello and since most of my projects are already on AWS, I wanted to use their Simple Notification Service to send the text messages.

I have since stopped using this automation. The move to working from home changed my daily workflow in ways that made a Kanban board not as useful a mechanism for me. Some recent changes to how SNS is billed were the final nail in the coffin.

I wanted to publish this code in case it's useful to anyone else. Unfortunately, as it's been over two years since I wrote and deployed this, how to deploy it in Lambda (or elsewhere) is an exercise left to the reader.

The full code may be found [here].

One note - board IDs are not static. If you add or remove boards, the board IDs will change. You should probably be figuring out the board ID each time around. If you're not adding/removing boards, you can set them statically. To pull the board IDs:

all_boards = trello_client.list_boards()
for i in range(len(all_boards)):
	this_board_name = all_boards[i].name
	print(str(i) + ": " + this_board_name)
	this_board_lists = all_boards[i].list_lists()
	for j in range(len(this_board_lists)):
		this_list_name = this_board_lists[j].name
		print("     " + str(j) + ": " + this_list_name)