Photodump: Visiting Chicago 2021

Photodump of my trip to Chicago, August 2021

Photodump: Visiting Chicago 2021
First view of the city from the orange line
Panorama from Millennium Park
Mandatory Cloud Gate Selfie
Storm blowing in as I walk down Navy Pier
Tiffany Dome at Chicago Cultural Center
Wider shot of the full room
Chicago dog at Portillo's
Cake shake - my new religion
Day game at Wrigley
Cubs win!
Deep Dish at Gino's East - This is the supreme with Italian sausage
They said this was a 2-3 person pizza but I'm no quitter
Museum of Science and Industry
German sub U-505
Enigma rotors and code book
Rotunda at MSI
Boeing 727 engine cutaway
727 cockpit
Goddard recreation
Pioneer Zephyr train
Rear room of the Pioneer Zephyr
View of MSI from Jackson Park
Garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park
Dinner (Courses below)
Germany course
West Africa course
Break before the China course
China course
Spanish course
Dutch course
French course
Candies to end the meal
They sent me home with breakfast for the next day
Three Dots and a Dash
Espresso martini
Chicago Handshake
West coast oysters