Griselbranding for Good

With a charity Legacy tournament coming up, Sam wants you to pledge to make a small donation for each time he activates Griselbrand during the tournament.

Griselbranding for Good

On July 13, Asgard Games will host Houston's Legacy - a Legacy tournament for charity, benefiting The Houston Food Bank. The Houston Food Bank has a 97.10 score on Charity Navigator. Each dollar donated to HFB provides three full meals to people in need in the Houston area. It is, by any reasoning, an excellent cause to give to.

In an effort to give beyond the funds raised by the tournament itself, I will be Griselbranding for Good. Did you ever do that thing when you were a kid where you'd get people to pledge per lap you ran or math problem you got right? (EG, Ultra Fun Run) Well I want to do that but for Griselbrand activation. I want you to pledge to donate for each time that I activate Griselbrand over the course of the tournament. I will match any donations made in this manner up to $500.


Some notes and rules for myself:

  • I will be playing a traditional Griselbrand + Children of Korlis build. This will require that I activate Griselbrand up to fifteen times per win.
  • I will not shortcut the loop unless prompted.
  • I will play until I am eliminated from contention. (Three match losses)

Interested in pledging to donate based on my Griselbrand activations? Email sam AT seemsgood DOT com with your pledge and whether you'd like to be acknowledged publicly.

Current pledges (Last updated 2019-07-13 20:45 UTC)