MagicFest Niagara 2019 Photodump

Photodump from MagicFest Niagara Falls 2019

MagicFest Niagara 2019 Photodump
$20 martini in at MDW
Round 1 of the main event - this is the smallest first round I've seen in years.
Practice games - Keep or mull, game 2 against Bizzaro Stormy?
Cyrus Corman-Gill storming against a Dredge opponent who would take no game actions in the match.
I accidentally took Josh Beanaman's new player profile picture
Joe Kington Ponders his fate
The beer bracket is the place to be. There's chicken and waffles (and sweet tater fries)
You could see godless socialism from our hotel room
Meanwhile, in our capitalist utopia... (Nick said this was one of the saddest places he'd ever been)
(No caption)
The plugs in our hotel room were so worn out that we had to make use of load-bearing energy drinks.
Tim Everett is very excited about his crème brûlée
Niagara Falls (American side)
Niagara Falls panorama shot from the observation deck on the American side
iOS portrait mode takes great pics
Wings at Duff's in Buffalo
Stayed in an AirBnB for the last night in Buffalo. Its location was excellent.
Community Beer Works in Buffalo
Community Beer Works' Imperial Wit. Very interesting beer - lots of sour notes you don't usually get in a wit.
Cool church in downtown Buffalo
Another cool church in downtown Buffalo
My posing instructions were "Sam! Slav squat!"
Electric Building, Downtown Buffalo